Chewy Junior's Story

It takes just three bites to finish a cream puff. At Chewy Junior, we promise to make every single bite worthwhile.

Chewy Junior puffs were first created in 2007 through the combination of recipes inspired from two countries. Too tasty to be kept a secret, we discovered that the best way to savour our puffs was by sharing them!

Our puffs are crafted from the finest ingredients and served fresh straight from the oven. We desire that every chewy munch shared with your loved ones will bring a smile to your face and spread the message: giving is receiving, sharing is happiness.With 30,000 puffs shared daily!

After 8 years of operations,Chewy Junior puffs can now be enjoyed at 40 outlets spanning 10 countries with 50 unique and amazing different flavours to choose from.

Made from a special premix, the puffs are Crispy on the Outside, Chewy on the Inside!

Unlike any puffs that consist only of centre-filling, Chewy Junior puffs comes additional with 50 different flavours topping each puffs. These flavours are developed by our talented chefs in Singapore.



Riding on our passion to share happiness with our customers, our chefs constantly develop new flavours to keep our customer’s experience fresh and exciting.



Chewy Junior’s vision is to be a global brand where every individual gets to enjoy the taste of our products, as well as our services and values.



Chewy Junior aspires to develop products of the highest quality, with constant innovation, and in the most efficient and cost effective way. Chewy Junior aims to deliver the utmost service level and make all our customers feel comfortable and happy. Chewy Junior seeks to provide our staff with challenges, enabling them to reach to their fullest potential, as well as achieve rewards to help fulfill their dreams. Chewy Junior is committed to long term relationships with our business partners to yield bountiful returns for their ventures. We are nature-friendly in our policies and management decision. We uphold the principles of honesty, fairness and integrity in our business management and business dealings.